Our Sunday tradition fills the sky with the color and movement from one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, the Western Pennsylvania Monarch.

Join us and release a Monarch butterfly in honor of a special someone, in memory of a loved one, or just for fun!

This release fills the sky with the color and movement of one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, the Western Pennsylvania Monarch. After 4:00 PM, individuals who pre-purchased Monarchs are welcome to release their butterflies in private, or alongside the mass release. Names (in honor of/in memory of) that were included at the time of purchase will be listed on the Regatta website. At 4:00 PM, we will present a mass release of nearly 500 butterflies.

Why do we do the Native Butterfly Release?

“Our state parks in Pennsylvania conserve nearly 300,000 acres of lands for the public to enjoy in many ways, but humans are not the only ones to benefit. Moraine’s 16,725 acres provides habitat for many wild animal species. Monarch butterflies, whose population across North America has alarmingly decreased, are dependent upon the milkweed plant. There are four species of milkweed native to PA, and we have introduced each of them in areas of the Moraine and encourage their natural reproduction. Here at the park, we have five areas specifically managed to promote native wildflowers, such as milkweed. Volunteers and partner groups working with park staff have prepared ground, sown seed, and managed these areas to encourage milkweed and other native plants to provide not only educational messages and enjoyment, but to serve as habitat for resident populations, and provide way stations for migrating monarchs.”  — Natalie Simon, DCNR

Butterfly Release Gallery

Become a Sponsor

The Regatta invites you to become a sponsor to help make this community event possible.

2021 Butterfly Release in Honor of:

Grandma Bea

Charlene Seifert

John Parson

Sheri Parson

Frank Johnston

Beverly Aspinall

Eddie Spinneweber

Dave Freeman

Husband-James Elder

Mom-Sandy Wolf

Helen Womer

MaryLou Shutak

Dave Weaver Sr.

Brandon Curley

Louise L Miller, Mother

David Klakos

Gary Welsh

Julie Hawan

Richard Schibik

Gary Welsh Sr.

Kim McKown

Kathleen Welsh

Bernadette, My  Heart!

Paulette, Jackson and Jessica Benegasi My Life!

Eileen Ruschau

Walter Wzest

Briana Welsh

To those who’ve gone before us

Kate Parson

Bud and Sis Coulter

Betty and Major Majovsky

Dr. Gabriel DeSalvo

Ben Crowley

Regis R. Ferrere

Anna F. Ferrere

Mary L. Lucas

Roy M. Maloney

Patsy Capo

Laura Gallahan

Mary Ann & Robert Birchall

Jamie Esposito

Joyce Park

In honor of Giselle Schweikert

In honor of Dominic Naples

Charlene O’Malley

Steve O’Malley

Mama (Sierra Mattson)

Brandon Mattson

Darrick A. West

Darrick A. West

Wilma Banfield

Joseph Zock

Thomas C Miller, Father

Thomas C Miller, Brother

Phyllis Winkler “Grandma”

Ronald Platt

Ryan Anderson

Mary Lou Hytla

Mary Sutton

Ron Mazza

Diana L. Sicard – Presky

Lori Haller

Lori Haller

Lori Haller

Joe Kolanko

Fred Emmett (Papa)

Husband-Dennis Collins

Dad-Dennis Collins

Rita Savannah

Donald R. Chettle

Naomi Ruth Buehler

Our beloved family

Ginny “Nana” Figlar

Guy Smith

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith

Michael Kondos

Michael Kondos

Aunt Julie’s life: You are our sunshine!

Danielle Dado

Wes Remley

Lindsey Anne Raymer

Lindsey Anne Raymer

Arthur Weidenhof

Mary Sheller

David Caputo

Marshal Dudash

Dr. James R. Davidson


Nicholas DiIanni

Betty Jane Rider

Margaret Louise Kimmel

Christopher Bialecki

Eric Lawton

Diane Bialecki

Kathy Kondos

Mike Kondos

Lindsay Moretz

Lindsay Moretz

Lindsay Moretz

James English – Big Pap


Shih-Yue Hou

Shih-Yue Hou

Shih-Yue Hou

Shih-Yue Hou

Anthony Hladney

In Memory of Joseph Hinchberger

In Memory of Nancy Swain

In Memory of Grammy Spangler

In Memory of Darlene Beahm

Jerry Hazard

Serenity Faith Matos

In Memory of Don Wilson

In Memory of Marlyn Wilson

Bradley Patrick Joyce

Albert Korade

In honor of Vince Vogel

In memory of Donna Hicks

Judy Seals

Donald Wilson

Kenneth Young

Kaitlyn Emery

Kathleen Westcott

Dorothy McIlvee

Ken Klemens

Vera (Betty) Wilson

Jeffrey Butera

Aggie Netzel

Roseanne DiPietrantonio

Candace Ward

Jennie Fusco

Jennie Fusco

Kaitlyn Emery

Edgardo Paulino

Diane Anthony

Ruth Hain

Robert Schafer (Dad)

Willa Schafer (Mom)

Jeannine (Nanna) Rowe

Lorraine (MamMam) Bulotta

Cathy Politi

Donna Cowan

Mary Holtz Elias

Joe Wrbas

Ryan Kubicko

Kyle Kubicko

Dennis F. Connelly

Sandra Hull

Clyde Kinneer Jr.

Robert Price

Neoma Jennings

Danielle Graham Robinson

Aunt Donna

Brian Nowikowski

Justin Knisely and Lary Campbell

Derek Ezatoff  & Eric Adkins

Uncle Eric Adkins

Joseph T. Berg

Joseph A. Berg, Sr

Ike Bihun

Vanessa Michael

Emma Schaub

Kim McPheron

Jon McPheron

Eric Adkins

Delbert & Colleen Bucci

Joann Bossi

Terry Lyons

Domenic (Mimi) Bellissimo

Virginia Alessio

Uncle Freddy Deitrick

Uncle Allen Mullen

Niva Costa

Daniel Diamond

Niva Costa

TJ Stockman Derek Ezatoff

Niva Costa

TJ Stockman Derek Ezatoff

Raymond Lombardo

David Klakos

John Lombardo

Crystal L. Gamble

Jennie Fusco

Jennie Fusco

Jennie Fusco

In memory of our son, Petey Caravella & Hollie Thibodeaux

Jennie Fusco

Helen “Marge” Abruzzino and Victoria Mangie

David Dietz

Mariam “Mim” Hershey

Ruby Kelly

Norma L. Thompson

Leon E. Thompson

Dot Hollerman

Doris Crawford

Amanda Hall

Catherine and Robert Green

In memory of Troy Andres

In memory of Troy Andres

In memory of Troy Andres

In memory of Troy Andres

Missy Desabetino

Carter Wolozyn

Phyllis Schroeder

Daksh Srivastava

Delilah Donoghue

Anna Zaich

Tina Mowery

Nancy Bogan

Ashley Mckissick

Leona Miller

John A Fezza

Delilah Donoghue

Loretta Faye Jakomad

Deo Gallagher

Jim Gallagher

Jack Z. Cline

Toni Funk

Angela Cantera

Joe & Mike

Carol Brooks

Douglas List

John Hanna

Steve Craft, My Dad

Trudy Shish

Jeff Kramer, Sr.

Joni Burnett

Kelli Jordan

Dave Burnett

Butterfly Ruth

Butterfly Ruth

John Marshall

John Marshall

Grandpa Cuda


Patty Lutz (Mom)

Helen Bogden (Baba)

Carol Sampson

George Sampson

Phoebe Barkey

Helen Crawford

Avery Rayne Rothrauff

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