Our Sunday tradition fills the sky with the color and movement from one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, the Western Pennsylvania Monarch.

This popular and inspiring release fills the sky with the color and movement of one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, the Western Pennsylvania Monarch. Participants release their butterflies in honor of a special someone, in memory of a loved one, or just for fun!

Why do we do the Native Butterfly Release?

“Our state parks in Pennsylvania conserve nearly 300,000 acres of lands for the public to enjoy in many ways, but humans are not the only ones to benefit. Moraine’s 16,725 acres provides habitat for many wild animal species. Monarch butterflies, whose population across North America has alarmingly decreased, are dependent upon the milkweed plant. There are four species of milkweed native to PA, and we have introduced each of them in areas of the Moraine and encourage their natural reproduction. Here at the park, we have five areas specifically managed to promote native wildflowers, such as milkweed. Volunteers and partner groups working with park staff have prepared ground, sown seed, and managed these areas to encourage milkweed and other native plants to provide not only educational messages and enjoyment, but to serve as habitat for resident populations, and provide way stations for migrating monarchs.”  — Natalie Simon, DCNR

Butterfly Release Gallery

In 2022, 244 memorial butterflies were released, in addition to the mass-release box of 100+ butterflies.

2022 Butterfly Memorial Names

Thank you to everyone who participated in this special event!

Esther Ameel

Edward Ameel

Jason Anderson

Diane Anthony

Diane Anthony

Ed Artman

Karen Artman

Neil Bauer

Wanda Beck

Myrna Bezts

Paul & Myrna Bezts

Michael Caplinger

Kenneth F. Connor

Josie Conti

Mary Coretsky

John Corna

Freddie Dailey

Jean D’Emidio

Ken, Carole and Ron Dexter

In Memory of Anna F. Ferrere

In Memory of Regis R. Ferrere

John and Carol Ferry

Carol Flowers

Mary Grace Gasser

Mary Grace Gasser

Antoinette Granato

In memory of our grandmas

Shawn Grimm

Shawn Grimm

Jake Haskin

Michelle Hays

Lillian Hoard

Teresa Lynn Holt

Jeanne Hoyt

Rita Maria Janicki

Joe and Mike

Kirk Joyce

June, Jim, Jay, Brian & Rita

Andrew Karczewski

Mike and Kathy Kondos

Mike and Kathy Kondos

Mike and Kathy Kondos

Mike and Kathy Kondos

Mike and Kathy Kondos


James “Mick” Loyd

Loved ones

Sally Magill

In Memory of Roy M. Maloney

John M. Majovsky

Debi McCarthy

Bill and Carol McCormick

Nancy McCurdy

Zachary Michael

Eddie Moldovan

Christopher Montgomery

Matthew Mozzoni

Brian Nowikowski (In loving memory 4/12/91-8/07/2014)

Jason Noulette

In memory Jason Noulette

Great Grandma Nuna

Erin Palmer

Pappy Ed

Betty Pearce

Brenda Pettigrew

Avery Rayne Rothrauff

Max Rothrauff

Barbara Rugh

Robert ‘Rick’ Ryder

Robert ‘Rick’ Ryder

Robert ‘Rick’ Ryder

Robert ‘Rick’ Ryder

Maryann Sheppeck

Angela Scofinsky

Angela Scofinsky

Rita Stoops

Rita Stoops

Rita Stoops

In memory of Noah Vinroe

Granny Welter

Michael Williams

Savana Williams

Wenzel Winer

Wenzel Winer

Grammy Dorothy Wyant

Robert Yerkins

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