2023 Shoreline Stabilization Project

Moraine State Park Regatta is looking forward to raising funds for a shoreline improvement project on the south shore of Moraine State Park.

This proposed project is a shoreline stabilization project along the south shore, near the “Picnic Point.” Moraine State Park is a beautiful place, and this shoreline stabilization project has two primary purposes, both structural and environmental, as well as tourism-related.

By stabilizing the shoreline along the south shore, the lake is being preserved. Through a specific Fish and Boat Commission process called the Lake Habitat Improvement Plan, the shoreline can be stabilized so that less of the land washes into the lake and fills it in. The project will improve the fish habitats, so there will be better fishing in that area.

By making the park more accessible, it will encourage more people to visit the park and, therefore, Butler County. This particular accessibility project will create opportunities for more people to access the shoreline and provide an ideal fishing area. The additional parking area and paved pathway will allow those with mobility difficulties to enjoy the park. With a more accessible fishing area, anglers from all over can come to the county to enjoy the fishing, which means they’ll need a place to stay and something to eat.

They’ll come for the fishing, but they’ll stay and spend money within the county, as well.

The project would involve installing rock framed deflectors and rubble humps along the shoreline. Next, an estimated 88 tons of limestone would be used to create a gravel path along the lake, and a new gravel parking area. Ideally, the excavation would be done for all of the above at the same time in order for the most economical completion of the project.

The project is estimated to cost $20,000 to $30,000 between material and excavation costs. Funds will be used to stabilize the shoreline, create a paved pathway, and improve the parking area. We’re hoping that the project can be completed by the end of 2023.

This specific project is being adopted by the Moraine State Park Regatta because of its proximity to the regatta. We get a special permit from the Fish and Boat Commission that allows fishing without a license, specifically at our event for that weekend. Every year at the regatta, we have volunteers that run a kids’ fishing area utilizing equipment from the park. This year, we moved the kids’ fishing area to this specific part of the south shore. Participants in Kids’ Fishing for 2022 were mostly under the age of 10, with many under the age of 5. Twenty-three people caught their first fish at the 2022 Moraine State Park Regatta, and they all received a First Fish certificate with a mention in the newspaper.

The Moraine State Park Regatta looks forward to promoting this project through our various marketing channels. This includes, but is not limited to, our social media accounts which, leading up to last year’s regatta, reached over 51,000 people.

We’ll be able to measure the success of this project by the increased number of anglers using this specific area. It will be noticeably busier at this part of the south shore, as fishermen will be able to more easily access this fishing area. This means that people with disabilities, young children, elderly, etc., will all have an easier time fishing at Butler County’s beautiful Lake Arthur.


To donate, mail a check to Moraine State Park Regatta, c/o Administration Office, 1165 Pittsburgh Road, Valencia, PA 16059, or Venmo @morainestateparkregatta.

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